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Paige Stuart

Paige Stuart is an Intuitive Living & Empowered Wellness coach leveraging her vast expertise in elevated nutrition and movement, awakened wellness, and communication to serve and support high-achieving professionals in optimizing their purpose & passion in all areas of  life.

Paige serves as the Daring Deeply Chief Creative Officer (CCO) providing exceptional creative discernment and business direction, content creation and delivery, coaching, and teaching.

Paige is a native Missourian who now calls the Nashville, Tennessee area home. Paige has deep passion for St. Louis Cardinals baseball, yoga, fitness, calligraphy, travel, the creative arts, and country music.


David Lea

David Lea is a leadership, life, and relationship coach leveraging his decades of expertise in relationships, wellness, and communication to serve and support high-achieving professionals in optimizing their purpose & passion in life and relationships.

David serves as the Daring Deeply Chief Executive Officer (CEO) providing overall business vision and direction, content creation and delivery, event execution, coaching, and teaching.

David is a native Mid-Westerner calling the Kansas City, Missouri area home. David is honored to be the father of three amazing souls. David has deep passion for Kansas City Royals baseball, fitness, the outdoors, travel, fashion, art, and music.

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