What Our Clients Say...

Appreciate and love you so much!!  You and Paige have given me life again…something I’ve been missing since high school.  Daring Deeply has been powerful for me…and it’s been one retreat and two months. Thank you for the push to continue, and what you do to make that happen. Love abounds…and I feel it❣️

-Julia R.

I cannot thank you enough for challenging me to do hard things!  The work I have focused on me - to be my authentic self has transformed my life.  Yesterday I had an amazing dialogue with my daughter.   This would not have happened 6 months ago.  I have accepted my trauma, embraced it, healed from it, learned from it and grown exponentially from it.  Thank you 🙏 ♥️

-Lori A.

I receive such peace reading your quotes, listening to webinars and posts. Do you feel that what you are conveying/teaching could also apply towards life-long friendships and relationships with family members besides romantic relationships? I have had a friendship that has been on the rocks this past year and I just don't see it getting better without effort or self awareness from the other person. She says we will get together and chat to workout differences and it never happens. Reading your posts has helped me let go and be at peace with myself. Thank you!!

-Libby W.

You both are amazing. You are making a world/life changing, difference and impact in people’s lives that goes far beyond what you can see, hear or intuitively feel. You. Are. NEVER question your call to serve exactly where you are. Your knowledge, willingness to love, be vulnerable, serve and support will have a multi-generational impact that WILL change the world. It already is.

-Kelly K.

I wanted to say that I loved the last workshop on codependency. I have been spending the last few weeks reframing my relationships based on the information you had discussed. It was a great talk and I truly loved it.

-Andrew J.

David Lea is insightful and challenging to help find what makes your soul sing and implement support to create the growth to make change. David's assignments brought transformation. He helped me find the language I needed to learn to set boundaries and open up to the life I desire to live. I recommend coaching with David Lea if you’re looking to grow and open up new possibilities!

-Annette S.

I am beyond grateful to have crossed paths with a group of so many amazing, strong individuals. In my experience there are not many venues where there is an ability to talk openly, and this group provides that safe space. My life has changed dramatically in the past year. From divorce to a health scare and everything in between. Being a good mom, being good to myself, finishing school, relationships, being single, loneliness, body image issues and on and on... But most importantly awakening parts of myself I thought were non-existent. David and this group have been a part of that journey of rediscovery and growth. Here, everyone’s voice matters. Here, strong common bonds are formed and every connection made is so much more authentic. Here, there is no better guidance than coming from someone else who’s been there — done that. Here, in this atmosphere of acceptance, we can all lean into each other and our common struggles. You know what happens when people can come together without fear of judgement? — amazing, powerful things! ♥️ THANK YOU David for providing this place. If you’re looking for self-discovery, I would highly recommend David and his approach and style of coaching as well as being a part of the open forum. He is an old soul with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

-Christa T.

In the few months I’ve worked with David, he’s helped to enlighten me and inspire growth in the areas I was seeking. I’ve spent years with my old coach and, although she was good, I didn’t see the gains like I have since meeting David. To me, that’s powerful. He’s honest and insightful. I’m so very grateful our paths crossed at the time I needed it most

-Abby D.

I have known David for 20 years.

I have seen David become a man of quiet strength and depth.

He speaks, not only with his words but also in his silence.

Because he is confident in his own silence, it allows me the time to be uncomfortable for a moment in order to gain the confidence to speak my truth.

He asks the questions that I am sometimes afraid to ask myself. He challenges me to do things that may be painful for a time but it helps to break the ties of destructive patterns and free myself to move forward in my own life journey.

He awaits patiently for my answers to his questions and doesn’t rush in with his own personal advice. He allows me the time needed to form my own viewpoint and respects my boundaries of time.

David is comfortable in listening and hearing in the gap of silence. He listens to better understand where I am at in my life in order to ask MORE questions to help guide me to my OWN answers.

I trust David emphatically. I respect him for the time he has taken on his own journey to take care of himself. He has led, and continues to lead, by example and I honor the steps he has taken to be who he was created to be.

If you want coaching in your life whether it’s relationships, work, health, family members, money, finding your purpose...etc....give David Lea a call. It’s one of the best things you will ever do! Take courage by the hand to find freedom from the excuses in your life!! Allow the journey to begin fresh for YOU!

-Shaunna W.

Your quotes and insight are shockingly accurate and helpful! Thank you!!!

-Heather F.

I've had the opportunity to work alongside, be mentored by, and watch how David receives people. He's heartfelt, proactive & intentional, and he is intent on understanding people. David has a way of stepping into people’s emotions and guiding them through it.

I have rarely met a leader who carries such a powerful message and lives it out so well.

I'm excited to see how and what his retreats do for his clients. I'm positive they will walk away with some keys and insights that will be helpful on their journey through life.

God Bless you, David, as you carry on with your transformational message.

-David G.

Weird Fish Media & Consulting

Through David’s own journey it’s his vulnerability that speaks a humble wisdom that has helped me to embrace & capture the power I have to lean into myself and create the life I desire, while living within the circumstances I have to work with. I am grateful for his patience to help me discover who I am 1st! And help me recognize the patterns that keep me stuck from who I am created to be. Within me I now have a curiosity for a life of extraordinary possibilities!

-Ginger C.

David is an exceptional coach. He is thoughtful, loving, and wise.

He has conquered some incredibly challenging and painful life experiences with a grace that contributes to his ability to empathize with people at the highest level.

One of my favorite things about him is the way he listens. He is fully present and makes me feel confident and safe when I’m with him.

I highly recommend him!

-Justin Janowski

Founder & CEO of Faith2Influence

I would highly recommend working with David Lea! In working with David he has educated me on many relationship topics including boundaries, intimacy, narcissism, conflicting conversations and many other topics that I have enjoyed exploring and journaling about. David and the Mastermind group has been a much needed, recent addition to my life. Each week I look forward to spending time with him and the other amazing women in the group! Again, highly recommended!

-Kathi A.

 David is one of the most genuine & honest coaches out there. His ability to empathize and truly SEE the person in front of him is profound. He hears what is being said and is able to sort out the junk to get to the deeper causes/insecurities/implications.

Imagine your best ever therapy/counseling session, then put it on steroids & add your best friend in the mix...that’s what David Lea brings to his clients. It’s simply profound.

-Corina B.

David is a very kind and considerate man. He helps you work on you and not the problems that you are facing. He puts you in perspective and the problems will work themselves out. All you need to do is focus on you. And that is what David does. He is a very compassionate man and very encouraging.

-Stacey A.

I am blessed to be working with David Lea and to be a part of an amazing group of ladies, in his relationship mentoring group.

David provides a safe place where he listens with patience and empathy, while suggesting real life strategies, so that I may become the best version of myself. I love that the tools we are given and practice can be used in many different types of relationships.

-Yvonne C.

It has been a pleasure working and getting to know David. He helps guide you through the roller coaster of life. He is honest but the approach is never demeaning. He gives you a different perspective and has truly opened my eyes. He provides you the tools to help you reach your goals. But does provide disclaimer that the journey is not easy. He cares for his clients and has our best interests. Even when he has to provide the tough love 😄.

-Nicole V.

Very optimistic and true to the core! David’s outlook is very refreshing from the norm.

-Carla G.

David has a very striking presence about him and it shows gloriously through his amazing work! He is thoroughly knowledgeable in so many important areas we all should be more in tune with to live our best lives. David deeply cares for and identifies with his clients in a very gracious manner. He is dedicated to help support and assist each individual in their own journeys to become the best version of themselves. David brings truth, accountability and support into a realm of high functioning conversation with love and patience. I feel very proud and blessed to have the opportunity to work with David in a group setting as well as get that one on one support we all need. If you are looking for an awesome coach, leader, “soul” purpose partner to better your life—David is your go-to guy!! Thank you David for all you do for me and many others!

-Jacy M.

Getting into relationships has never been a problem for me. Maintaining healthy relationships absolutely has. For so long I have worn many masks that everything in my personal relationships are healthy and good, while underneath I felt unsafe, unsure and sometimes quite lost and desperate. I had walled off my ability to ask for help because the mask I wore in the public eye and even with my friends was one of strength and wisdom. I was able to give strong advice, however lacked in my ability to take my own advice. Thankfully I began and still move towards facing myself more and more every day and what my limitations are in my relationships with others and myself. I desired to have a mentor and a coach that would point me towards my truth courageously and without excuses and reasons not to push through them. David listens, guides and gives amazing spot on feed back. He has introduced me to the strongest women who are truly inspiring and walking the walk of becoming their best selves. David is a gentle yet very clear guide. I was able to remove my mask and become very real and vulnerable in our first session together and he was gentle enough to allow me to uncover more and more of what has been holding me back both consciously and unconsciously. If you are looking for direct guidance, someone to mentor, listen and guide you through the ups and downs that relationships can often bring then David is your person.

-Leslie R.

David’s coaching style is incredible! I love that he doesn’t give advice but guidance. He teaches you the tools needed to observe and heal patterns in yourself and your relationships. I highly recommend him!

-Tammy K.

David is an amazing coach. He offers great exercises that helps you to work through personal obstacles and encourage personal growth.

-Marsha W.