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The Elevated Workshop Series  

“The Masculine Voyage : Decoding Men”

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David Lea

Life, Leadership, and Relationship Coach

Monday, September 20th 7-8:30pm CDT

Zoom Virtual Presentation


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Special Message from David Lea

All men are on a voyage of life. This voyage takes many different turns. This voyage contains six important and powerful stages along the way.


Join David Lea as he reveals The Masculine Voyage. Inspired by author, John Eldredge’s framework, David will take you through the six stages of the Masculine Voyage : The Beloved Son, Cowboy, Warrior, Lover, King, and Sage. Each stage vital to the maturation of the masculine.

Come see how this impactful insight can be bring clarity to you (men) or the men in your life (ladies) and begin to debunk the myths of absolution often projected onto men : “emotionally unavailable”; “aloof”; “narcissistic”; “passive”; “too serious”; “hard-to-read”; “overly sexual”. Want to understand men better? This workshop is for YOU!


This workshop will allow you to :

 Recognize how vital each stage is to healing, growth, and maturation of men

 Embrace clarity, compassion, and direction for how men behave and grow through life

 Leverage this insight to better understand and decode men


This will be a powerful, life changing workshop for you if you allow it to be. We can’t wait for you to join us!

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The Masculine Voyage : Decoding Men

Monday, September 20th 7-8:30pm CDT

Zoom Virtual Presentation