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“Conflict: How to Fight Fair”

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Paige Stuart

Life, Leadership, and Relationship Coach

April 11, 2021 from 7-8:30pm CDT

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Conflict. The word alone can feel triggering to some.

What is your relationship with conflict?

Do you avoid it at all costs?

Or, perhaps it tends to lead to a big, blow out?

Do you feel like each party is speaking a completely different language?

Perhaps, your brain has labeled conflict as BAD, UNHEALTHY, WRONG, or MEAN…

If any of the statements outlined above resonate with you, then you’re in the right place. Join Paige Stuart as she provides insight, information, tools, and strategies to redefine your relationship with conflict. Whether it’s experienced with your spouse, parent, child, friend, coworker, or even a complete stranger, conflict can be healthy and hugely beneficial when conducted in a respectful, elevated, mature, and awakened way.
Conflict is a normal part of life. It is can be incredibly powerful, if we allow it to be. Conflict arises when there are two differing perspectives, often fueled by either a passion or a pain. HOW we navigate the conflict is how we learn from and grow WITH one another.
The discomfort that we currently experience around conflict in general indicates there is something deeper for us to learn, uncover, and heal.
Life’s to short to live small. When you avoid conflict, you avoid a deep part of YOU. Join us 4/11 to locate the “yes/and” – Yes, I navigate conflict and it is healthy, constructive, and respectful.

This workshop will allow you to :

Redefine your relationship with Conflict

 Elevate HOW you show up in Conflict

 Incorporate simple tools and language tweaks to create an opportunity for a healthy, mature, and elevated experience with conflict

This will be a powerful, life changing workshop for you if you allow it to be. We can’t wait for you to join us!



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"Conflict: How to Fight Fair"

April 11, 2021 from 7-8:30pm CDT

Zoom Virtual Presentation