Red Flag or Yellow Flag

"It's better than I've had had before"


"What if I don't find someone better...?"


"Maybe I don't deserve anything better?"


Embedded in every life-decision, we balance the scales. Is this decision more conducive toward bettering me or setting me back? Is this decision worth the risk? What do I have to lose/ gain? Is this decision a "should" or a "must"?


When the earth SETTLES, the movement is DOWN. It's less-than. When the ground settles around your home's foundation, water-damage is eminent...


Settling in your relationship(s) is an indictment on your ability to deserve MORE. You're sacrificing what WILL-BE for what COULD-BE. You're relying on another soul to determine your future. You're emptying your spirit to provide energy for another who's deciding to not join you...


Perhaps they are no longer invited...


You're worthy of more.


How have you settled in your relationships? How have you given yourself away in order to "keep the peace" or "remain loyal"? What have you learned?