Just Should on Myself

“I should know better...”

“I should be a better mom”

“I should be further along in my career...”

“I should have it all together...”

“I should be like HER...”

Have you should on yourself today? If you have... it’s okay. We all do it.

I feed the shame-gremlins (Brené Brown’s term), too. I compare my income, my body, my home, my career-path, my yard, and my crockpot brisket.

When the “I suck’s” rear their ugly head, I pause and remember what unique brilliance I bring to the world. Only me - I’m original - they broke the mold - and many other pithy platitudes...

I’m precisely who I am and where I am because I decided upon those results and MOST critical : I can CHANGE.

I’m NOT stuck in my self-pity. Not ever. By my own choice.

The shoulds can go suck it! I have bigger fish to fry.

Now - if you excuse me - I have to go perfect my brisket. It’s not as good as........