Good Girl Sex

Your desires, your voice, your body-choices, your body-freedom. Your wants, your curiosities, your strengths.

Your sex is your sex.


You have your voice to use how you choose.

  • You are NOT a slut.
  • You are not "easy".
  • You are not a BAD girl.
  • You are NOT dirty.


Your hidden fantasies, untold desires, veiled admissions of erotic yearnings are absolutely NORMAL and RIGHT and HEALTHY.


When your honest and vulnerable sexual expression & exploration is shamed by your own voice or from the voices of others - a fundamental soulful erosion takes place.


The truth lies here : it's important to identify a SAFE, SECURE, COMFORTABLE, OPEN space in which to share the things too often deemed taboo. Those in this inner circle-space with whom you share should be journeying ALONG side of you. They understand their own sexual independence and awareness, and curiosities. Those who fall short of the maturity necessary to realize this within themselves are not invited. Your partner/ future partner and/ or your very close girlfriends should be candidates for this inner-circle.


If you're blushing, if you're uneasy, if you're uncomfortable with this post - IT. IS. OKAY. If you're saying "amen!", if you're shouting YES!, if you're somewhere in between - IT. IS. OKAY.