Blame Game...

“But this is what HE did...”
“I didn’t ask for this!”
“She knew what she was doing. And she’ll get hers.”
“If he didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have...”
“I didn’t have a choice - he was gonna do what he did”
In the middle of mayhem, in the course of complacency, in the space of affluent “comfort” - choices SEEM limited.
And then...
Shame arrives at the door and convinces you in the most sinister tone : you deserve this!
Time to kick the shit out of SHAME and ultimately BLAME
Blaming others limits your VOICE, limits your power, limits your opportunity to THRIVE.
Blaming imprisons your soul and sabotages your spirit. Leaving you in a cesspool of bitterness and self-hate.
You’re worthy of more. I promise.
The mirror has your answers.